This plant has been in use since 2014 and has processes different sewage sludges. The results are from the productions since 2014:

Power and indicators

Sewage sludge:


Amount generated by mechanical dewatering:


Application rate of dryer:




Volume volume after drying:


Volume of synthesis gas after the gas generating unit:



Volume of phosphorus ashes after the gas generation unit:

up to 18,000 t / year with a dry matter content from 3.5 - 4.0%


up to 2,600 t / year with a dry matter content between 20 - 25%


380 kg / hr. with a TS content between 20 - 25%;

Recirculation and return of mixture to a dry matter content of at least 50%


700 t / year with a dry matter content of about 85-90%


about 400 t 750 Tm³ (depending on the energy content of the



about 170 to 220 t / year.


Dipl. Ing. Rudolf Cordes

Oldenburger Straße 330

D-49377 Vechta


Telephone: +49 4447 961284