About us

The Landgas Thermodirekt GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Langförden (Vechta County) has worked within the field of treatment and recycling of waste materials from agriculture, industry and municipalities for many years. We actually prefer to speak of recyclable materials, since these materials in addition to a being a potential energy soucre, also contain a significant number of nutrients. Making these values for available the public good, is the goal of Landgas Thermodirekt.


In our office in Langförden professionals, among others from the fields of biology, process engineering, construction and mechanical engineering, are busy to develop appropriate, market-ready solutions and to continually improve the technology. We already succeeded in various fields of application and now focus on the issue of sewage sludge.


The techniques and materials for the energetic utilization of sewage sludge used by Landgas Thermodirekt are currently available and tested successfully methods. Now the Landgas Thermodirekt method is available to municipalities as one system. Dryer, gas generating unit, generator and water treatment plant are combined in one unique process.