We make energy and phosphorus fertilizer from sewage sludge.

We make energy and high phosphorus fertilizer.

When did you last think of the sewage treatment plant to which you are connected with your household? Perhaps in the moment when you were upset about the sewage charges?

What would you think if you do not have to constantly pay rising fees for wastewater disposal, but if because of improved energy efficiency of your local sewage treatment plant also could be spared the environment?

This is doable - and now!

Landgas Thermodirekt  has developed a unique method by which the sewage sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants is treated and recycled in an environmental friendly way and conserving natural resources. In short, we make energy from sludge, but also create even the basis for natural phosphorus fertilizer.

A first small system has undergone successful tests and trials since 2014 - now it is time for the implementation of the first project in a municipal sewage treatment plant in Northern Germany. The concept is forward-looking, because in addition to the positive environmental and health aspects we also have a high efficiency of the Landgas Thermodirekt  system. The increasing of fees due to increased requirements in combination with the use of innovative techniques therefore are not necessarily!

Several thousand systems can be equipped in Germany with this process - and this will happen cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly! For us, for our environment!